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  1. Bad Situation

From the recording The FunKrazy Band Delusional CD

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Pop exploration by Garard and Diana


Bad Situation
© D. Calvetti/G. Montague ASCAP

Running down my feelings trying to figure it out
You’re always on my mind what’s this all about
I know you’ve got a woman keeps you paying your dues
It’s just a situation know I’m gonna lose

It’s just a bad situation
The worst kind of situation
A funky situation and I really can’t stop thinking of you

Keep my eyes wide open so I don’t miss your sight
It’s like I’m wearing blinders I know this ain’t right
I savor every moment I get to hear your voice
Something wrong….it’s like I got no choice

Maybe obsession or addictions a better term
If I could be with you then I would confirm
Somehow this might work out for us if you could only see
The way that you affect me …..Or maybe you’ll agree