From the recording The FunKrazy Band Delusional CD

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Contemporay with the blue note in the vocal


How Do You know
© S. Schmuesser-Smith/P. Sheridan ASCAP

Don’t let my sky disappear
The tears are strong I’m lost I fear
Somehow the stars have simply gone away
And even though my heart did break
The memories I can barely take
I still keep them all here silent within me

I know we’ve changed but the fact remains
We will never be the same

How do you know when it’s over
And when to turn away…..
Did decide to break your promise
Will you turn and walk away

All those years went by and still I didn’t see
That someday you and I … would somehow cease to be
The salty tears don’t take away what’s left inside that’s breaking me……
I hold on to those memories

Can you turn and walk away