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  1. Dark Cloud

From the recording The FunKrazy Band Delusional CD

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Country feel..pull out of the wreckage and move on


Dark Cloud
© G. Putnam/P.Sheridan ASCAP

Times seem to go to fast
The good ones never last
A wrong word- a wrong time
Missin’ on an obvious sign

Guess no one was telling..
The part about failing..
So you shrug your shoulders & turn around..

Where you goin now, what you gonna do
Where you going now, you’re following a Dark Cloud
Where you gonna run, where you gonna hide
Where you goin now, you’re following a Dark Cloud

The 1st steps the last step
Seein where you’re betting gets
A circle becomes a puzzle
Where the game cards are never shuffled
Yet you always stay in, just so you’d be playing
You put your foot forward, hoping for solid ground..

Stand up and be counted
Be strong and well rounded
Earn what you deserve and deserve what you earn
When you can’t walk then run
Find your own way to the sun
Find a way to feel proud
Make a break from that Dark Cloud..