From the recording The FunKrazy Band Delusional CD

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Sorta Jazzy..It's all about me


Circle to My Square
© S. Schmeusser-Smith/P.Sheridan ASCAP

Spent most my life trying to fit in
I really didn’t even know where to begin
That’s when I realized to look into the light
Spread my wings and take flight

But I’m not flying into your
I am happy in my square
I’m not changing my life for you my
Can’t you’s hard to breathe..and I’m not there

Just now, a memory walked on by
In a moment it will dissipate to the sky
But before it did it turned around to tell me why
I need to go after what I want..I only got one life

But I’m not going into your
I have already been there…..
I’m not asking you to change for
But then you’d see…it’s so hard to be.. in someone else’s atmosphere

Can’t you see
I can’t guarantee
That you’ll be happy
In here

But I’m not joining you into your circle…
Found all I need in my square
Not asking you to change for anyone…no…no…no
Can’t you see….I am meant to be… my own….. hemisphere

one day you’ll see that I was meant to be
In my own atmos..I my hemis
I’m just happy in my own square