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  1. Baila

From the recording The FunKrazy Band Delusional CD

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Latin flavor..red rose and black dress


© D. Calvetti/P.Sheridan ASCAP

Move this way then that way
First Left and then right
You’re out on the dance floor
Be with me tonight

Red lips to entice you
Black lace on the floor
They way that you spin me
You make me want more

Baila, Baila mi Corazon
Baila mi Corazon
Baila, Baila mi Corazon

You turn then I turn
And then our hands meet
You pull me closer
We feel body heat

You hold me so close to you
There’s no space between
There are no more secrets
We know we’ve been seen

Baila, Baila mi Corazon
Dance…. Dance ….Dance my heart