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  1. Delusional

From the recording The FunKrazy Band Delusional CD

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Blues and Funk and going whacko at the day job


© D. Calvetti/P. Sheridan ASCAP

Gotta get out of this technical space
Do something good for the human race
I’d do good things to fix what’s wrong
And Maybe I just need me a sweet blues song

I’m delusional
It’d never happen to me
I’m delusional
Lord set me free

Think I’ll row my boat down to Baton Rouge
Drown my troubles in the Blue Bayou
Sit back ‘n rock my bones all day long
And maybe even write me a sweet blues song

These blues need to set me free

Pack my bags – get me free
Chicago, Orleans, or Memphis Tennessee
I’d listen to that music all day long
All I need is a sweet blues song

Ah these blues got to set me free

I’m delusional
Baby please please set me free