From the recording The FunKrazy Band Delusional CD

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Contemporary with Rythm..a real world experience


Wash Over Me
© S. Schmeusser-Smith/P.Sheridan ASCAP

Let the rain wash over you and me yeah yeah
My hearts in a millions pieces baby…. why can’t you see
That there was a time baby when you…you meant the world to me
I’ve changed so much baby….. and so have my needs

It’s cold and dark and I don’t wanna talk about it
Things just fell apart and we don’t have a safety net
We keep spinning our wheels and we can’t seem to get
To where you and I can make the pieces fit

I can’t rearrange my life ……to fit inside of yours No…no
There’s too much pain inside and I can’t seem to find a cure
How can two lives turn from something real to simply obscure?
We’ve got a heap of trouble baby that’s the one thing for sure…

Let the rain wash over you and me yeah yeah
We came apart in a million pieces baby…. it won’t let us be
There was a time baby you and I thought we’d go on endlessly
Oh how time has changed ….. both you and me…
Let the rain wash down over me