From the recording The FunKrazy Band Delusional CD

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A great tune by Robin Wink with his brother Corky on Vox and Pat on Guitar


© Robin Wink ASCAP

Hello my Love, you know I’m missing you
I’d like to be part of, an evening’s dream or two
You can talk to me, though we’re far apart
Open up your mind girl, open up your heart

Isn’t it strange, what love can do
Isn’t it strange, what love can do
For me and you

Before you go to sleep, take a walk outside
Concentrate all your thoughts, on a heavenly ride
I’ll meet you in the seventh house, of the seventh sun
As Leo rises in the east, we’ll become as one

Good night my love, I’m sending this to you
Air express at the speed of light, ain’t no postage do

Isn’t it strange