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  1. Losin Today

From the recording The Funkrazy Band Frayed Edges

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Slow and Bluesy


Losin’ Today
© G. Putnam/P. Sheridan ASCAP

You don’t look at me like ya' used to look
Your eyes seem empty like somethin’s been took
N’ I can’t replace it - when I see your face
It doesn’t shine like when you were mine
How’d it ever get like this
There’s no mystery left in your kiss
In the world where you’re mind goes
Yesterday took tomorrow

Wasted words lost in the try
There’s no reason without askin’ why
With so little tomorrow
…I’m losin’ today

You don’t talk to me when I call your name
It’s like I’m not there till I’m in your way
Have you lost any hope you had
That we could make this love last

Answers float like clouds in a dark sky
Why haven’t we long since said goodbye
Can you turn your head
And look me in the eye

I’m lost in yesterday
Time cannot be borrowed
And with so little tomorrow
…I’m losin’ today