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  1. Don't Matter

From the recording The Funkrazy Band Frayed Edges

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Slow and Introspective


Don’t Matter
© S. Schmeusser-Smith/P. Sheridan ASCAP

It don’t have to be this way
Not like it defines who I am
Gonna take it all in day by day
And tomorrow I’ll do what I can

The sun will still set in the evening
The moon lights the stars in your eyes
And no matter what life will be bringing
It’s your soul that’s got me hypnotized

It just don’t matter
when we lose our way
Nothing is for sure
But you sure helped me get through today

The bills are all piled on the table
I’ve taken on a 2nd job
I’ll get to those bills when I’m able
And it’s only my time being robbed

Don’t think I can do this without you
It’s like you’re still here by my side
I know I’m gonna make it through
This amazing carnival ride

I’ve tried so hard to pull it all together
It just falls apart
Nothing stays forever
But the love for you deep in my heart