From the recording The Funkrazy Band Frayed Edges

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Bluesy and Quick


A Storm’s Gonna Come Down
© P. Sheridan ASCAP

Rains pourin’ down and the clouds are dark and low
Winds howlin’ strong, there’s a raging fire in my soul
Yeah there’s a Storm gonna come down
On that cheatin’ fool, don’t you know

Lightning’s crackin’ power lines crashing down
Floodwater’s risin’, there’s a trembling shakin’ up the ground
I’ve got a hurricane in my heart
Lord tearin’ every memory down

Oh you lied to me baby, Cause you were lovin’ some other thang
You’re out every evening, cheatin on your best friend
Yeah you fooled me baby
But now I completely understand

You best run for high ground, Lock yourself inside
Board up your windows now baby, pray you make it through the night
Cause when this storm rolls through town
Won’t be nothin’ left behind