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  1. Affected My Mind

From the recording The Funkrazy Band Frayed Edges

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Pop exploration


Affected My Mind
© D. Calvetti/ P. Sheridan ASCAP

Sittin at my desk on a Friday afternoon,
Anticipating a phone call from you
One o’clock, Two o’clock, Three passes by
No phone call from you makes me want to cry

My mama said girl, stay away from his kind
It’s too late mama, he’s affected my mind
Over the line
It’s too late mama, he’s affected my mind

To hear your voice, to taste your lips
To see your handsome face
When friendship turned to passion, your hands were in control
You knew what you were doin’ to my body and soul

I love the way you lay me down, and hold me tight
I wish I could be with you and not alone at night
I’d wake up in your arms, do what you promised me
I’d love you like you’ll never ever be

When I see you again, will you feel like I do?
Want me like a drug that you’re addicted to?
Drive a million miles to find you, I’d never set you free
Cause I only want you right here with me