From the recording The Funkrazy Band Frayed Edges

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Funk with Blues Overtone


Hysterectomy Blues
© D. Calvetti /P.Sheridan ASCAP

I went to the doctor
Told him how I felt
The doctor he told me
Honey, your thang’s gotta come out
I said to the doctor
I’m not ready for this
Bye me some time for sexual bliss

The Low Down Hysterectomy Blues
Tonight it’s all or nothin’ baby
I got the Hysterectomy blues

I went home to my baby
Said now let’s be alone
Want no interruptions
Not even your cell phone
Forget about TV
Forget your tools
You’re gonna be singin’
The Hysterectomy Blues

Find good in what’s bad
That’s what my Mama always said
No more lower back ache
And worry free sex
Won’t need no more Midol
Won’t miss what I had
Cause I figured out
These blues aren’t so bad