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  1. Casually

From the recording The Funkrazy Band Frayed Edges

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© G. Putnam/P. Sheridan ASCAP

Every morning I wake up thinkin’ about you
Every day I do my thing barely getting through
Every evening go home.. like I’ll find something new
Every night I watch the sky Paint memories of you

Can’t get you out of my heart
Can’t get you out of my dreams
I’ve searched on every star climbed up every moonbeam
Don’t understand this pain sure don’t know what love means
Since you left me
Oh so casually

Every thought turns to memories about you and I
Every question finds no end except the lonely nights
The answers so far away behind a million whys
Every reason so timeless inside the words goodbye

You act like nothing’s wrong
Ignore everything we’ve done
I come close you turn away
Like you don’t even know my name
It’s alright..it’s alright its all one big lie..