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  1. Wasted

From the recording The Funkrazy Band Frayed Edges

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A more complex experiment with flavorings of Heart.


© S. Schmeusser-Smith/P. Sheridan ASCAP

I see the sands of time drifting past your way
And I know the reasons why it’s all got to change
I can’t stop the hands of time Press reverse and then rewind
It’s not that easy
Need to open up a door go for less and get some more
For you and me

Because time...Time is wasted on way to many necessary things
Oh…And life can be abrasive
So don’t forget to dance out in the rain
Don’t just look for what tomorrow brings
Or you’ll be wasting...away

I know the time is right to reinvent our lives
Before the sands of time passes us both bye
Time to let go of the past A new life a new cast
Revise our vision
If you open up your mind just leave it all behind
Let me in

Standing here up on my own finally strong finally grown
Won’t take for granted
All the little things I missed while wrapped up in my own business
I finally get it
Please know that..you are so..special to me

And I know you know what I’m saying
Don’t get wasted..away..my love
Because.. time...goes...bye..don’t you waste it..