From the recording The Funkrazy Band Frayed Edges

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Bluesy in minor key groove


Whisperin’ in the Wind
© G. Putnam/P. Sheridan ASCAP

You may wonder who told me
That you found somebody new
When did you last hold me
N’ when did I last see you__
You’re runnin’ with a new heart
No, I don’t understand
You left me without a word
Like I’m a fool -- well, I guess I am__
I walk to the river
N’ I just sit here
I feel the cold creepin’ in
I hear the whisp’rin’ in the wind

It wasn’t words from a friend
Wasn’t somethin’ that I saw
There was no announcement
I didn’t get no phone call
In the end, I closed my eyes n’ then
I heard that lonesome cry/whine
Again n’ again…
I call it the whisp’rin’ in the wind

Friends will ask n’ I pretend
Say we just need us some time
I walk on n’ they just laugh
They know you left me behind__
I got nowhere to go
So I walk to the river’s bend
I stare at the water’s flow
Askin’ why it never ends__
Tomorrow’s another day
These are words some people say
But I don’t know where to begin
Can’t get past the whisp’rin in the wind