From the recording The Funkrazy Band Frayed Edges

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Bluesy and Jazzy


It’s Easy to Cheat
© D. Calvetti/P. Sheridan ASCAP

You know where I go, you know what I do
I’m left in the dark, don’t make me a fool
Your friends aren’t my friends, they keep a tight lip
They know all your signs, you give me the slip.

I look into your eyes. You tell me your lies
And I believe them
Then I realize, to my surmise
This is effortless
It’s easy to cheat
To cross that thin line, that razor thin edge
Between what’s wrong and what’s right
It’s easy to cheat

She knows that you want her, she know that you will
You’ve done this before, she moves in for the kill
Silhouette in the street light, she pulls close to him
The thrill warms her body, delectable sin

Oh, who’s cheating tonight?..