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  1. Tonight

From the recording The Funkrazy Band Frayed Edges

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A Slow Dancer


© P. Sheridan/G. Putnam ASCAP

I know how things have been
Each corner you turn
Life comes that way sometime
Each time something stop’s you
You find your way through
You always come out strong
That’s what life’s done to you

Now come and see what bein’ in my arm can do
All alone...just me and you
Gonna love you tonight
Gonna make you feel so right
Gonna love you tonight
Baby just hold on tight
Gonna make a new meaning for our lives..tonight

Come feel warm and safe
Forget about being afraid
Let’s make this world for two
Toughness only goes so far your heart
Makes you who you are
Let’s make this dream brand new

Do what I can to excite
It’s you and me gonna love you boy