From the recording The Funkrazy Band Frayed Edges

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Blues Groove


It’s a Long Time from Sunday
© P. Sheridan ASCAP

It’s a long time from Sunday,
Since you walked out on your own
No I Don’t quite know the reasons,
You need this time to be alone
You’ve got your own dreams to live for,
& you don’t need me to tie you down

We had a fine thing together,
The kind of love some may never find
You gave your heart away for your freedom,
Squandered a treasure for your foolish pride,..yes you did
Lord I’ll never find the will to give the love,
The love I thought was yours and mine

Now it’s a long time from Sunday,
I just can’t take you from my mind
I see your eyes in every mirror,
You stalk my each and every dream at night.. yes you do
It’s such a long time from Sunday,
Baby I hope you find your peace of mind..yeah peace of mind

I hope you find your peace of mind...